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LaLiga accuses FIFA of ‘completely disregarding’ Spanish football



LaLiga accuses FIFA of ‘completely disregarding’ Spanish football

Spain’s LaLiga has slammed FIFA for displaying a complete disregard for national competitions after the world soccer body approved a 32-team Club World Cup and an expanded World Cup with 104 matches.

The organisation claims that there was no consultation with leagues about these changes, and that such decisions do not consider the sporting, economic, or competitive impact that they will have on clubs, players, and national leagues.

The World Leagues Forum, an organisation representing professional association football leagues, has voiced criticism against FIFA in the past regarding these revisions of the match calendars.

The FIFA Council is composed of 37 members including its president Gianni Infantino and 28 chosen by member organisations as well as UEFA representatives; it is this council that approved these new initiatives.

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