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Nairabet Agent Registration, Commission, requirements


Nairabet Agent Registration, Commission, requirements

What are the necessary requirements you need as a business-driven football enthusiast to become a ‘Nairabet Agent’ in Nigeria?

Nairabet is one of the first sports betting companies in Nigeria and to a large extent, it’s also one of the biggest African sports betting websites that both the youth and football enthusiasts engage in to reward their passion for the game.

Becoming a Nairabet agent is another means of making hundreds of thousands of money for yourself monthly provided you’re interested in becoming one of their agents.

Therefore, in this article, I’ll take you through how you can become a Nairabet agent and how their commission rates looks like.

Why You Should Become A Nairabet Agent

There are numerous reasons why you should become a Nairabet agent, the reasons are as follows.

* You will earn yourself money anytime you fund an online customer account.

* Free gifts, souvenirs, and promotional materials are what one of the leading sports betting companies in Nigeria stands to give you once you become one of their agents.

* You will earn for life just by referring an online customer to bet on Nairabet.

* As a shop agent, you’ll earn money anytime a customer place a bet in your shop.

* Once you become one of their agents a free virtual game decoder will be given to you.

* Betting credit will be given to you for you to commence operation as their agent.

How To Become A Nairabet Agent

There are three notable ways you can make money on Nairabet. Ask me how, you can make money by becoming an online agent, an affiliate, and a shop agent which is the most common around.

Let me take you through what you stand to gain if you become any of their agent either online, affiliate, or shop agent.

Nairabet Online Agent:

First of all, your job as an online agent is to assist Nairabet customers that want to place bet funds or credit their accounts.

With your consistency in doing so, you’re entitled to 7.5 percent of the total amount credited or funded to customers.

Interestingly, whether they win or not you’ll still get your commission intact.

Nairabet Affiliate Agent:

As a Nairabet affiliate agent, all you have to do is advertise and refer people to Nairabet. When people join Nairabet via your affiliate link you’ll get paid 50 percent for doing that.

To become a Nairabet affiliate agent visit or log on to

Click on the sign up icon at the top right corner of the page.

Fill up all the required personal, contact, payment, and additional information.

Then advertise your Nairabet link through your social media platforms.

Once viewers register through your link, you’ll be paid your commission.

Nairabet Shop Agent:

The Nairabet agent shop is the most common type of agent punters are familiar with.

It involves having a shop, the necessary tools for the shop set up and a few staff that will be in charge of the daily running of the business.

Once all of the necessary tools are put in place, punters or customers can start flocking into the shop to place their bets on football games, dog races, boxing, or casino.

Nairabet Agent Requirements

We’ve taken you through details on how to become a Nairabet agent. Now let’s take you through Nairabet agent requirements which include:

* A shop at a very good location where people can easily have access.

* Computer, either a laptop or desktop is one of the major requirements.

* A standby generator to avoid total power failure when customers are placing their bets.

* Television for virtual games.

* Thermal printer for printing customers’ game receipts.

* An internet connection.

* Valid means of identification will also be needed. You can make use of your National passport, Driver’s license, or National ID.

* The final requirement is the Nairabet licensing fee of 50,000 Naira.

Nairabet Agent Registration Process

To register as a Nairabet agent, it’s quite simple and easy.

* Log on to

* Down the page, click on it and start your registration.

* Enter your details from name, email address, telephone number, state and address.

* Proceed to get all info and continue with the Nairabet agent sign-up.

Nairabet Agent Commission

Being a Nairabet agent gives you the opportunity to earn something tangible as a commission.

What you stand to earn or paid is 50% of the total profit made from the bets customers stake.

As a shop agent, you’ll get 50% of the profits you make, while online agents earn 7.5% of the total amount credited for a customer whether they win or not you’ll still get paid the commission.

The Nairabet agent bonus computation is 35% of the total GGR in 4 or 5 weeks. As long as a 100,000 stake and 600 bet count are reached you’ll get your commission intact.

Benefits Of A Nairabet Agent

After all said and done, let me take you through some of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a Nairabet agent.

* The more betting place in your shop or on your mobile, the more income you’ll earn.

* You’ll get 50% of the profit that you make.

* A free business training will be available for you, to help you in running a very profitable and successful business.

* Free gifts, promotions, and souvenirs will be given to you.

* You’ll receive a free virtual game decoder.

* Finally, betting credit will be given to you for your startup as a Nairabet agent.

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