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Betking Login Nigeria: How to register

by NaijNaira
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How to register for BetKing in Nigeria

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Do you want to do Betking Registration? Good. Because Betking is one of Nigeria’s finest betting sites as they make betting very easy with their user-friendly platform, easy deposits and withdrawals on the sportsbook.

Betking also has boast other unique features to make them unique from other betting sites in Nigeria. Some of their exceptional features include:

  • Special Bets
  • Regular Odds Boosts
  • Up to 225% Accumulator Bonus
  • Rebet Feature
  • Kings League

Requirements To Sign Up on Betking

Before you can register on betking, below is a list of some basic things that must be in place:

18 Years +

No legal betting site in Nigeria jokes with this requirement. And so because Betking is very thorough when it comes to this requirement of being up to 18 years old, you cannot open an account on betking. They will not process your registration if you are below Nigeria’s legal betting age.

Phone Number

If you do not have a properly registered phone number from the Nigeria Communications Commission, registration on betking will not be possible.

What a registered phone number does for you is to help confirm and verify your identity, and protect your betking account from hackers, impersonators and internet fraudsters.


Whether it is a mobile phone (smartphone, that is) or a personal computer AKA Laptop, you need a device to open a betking account. It is with these gadgets you will perform all of your betking online operations. Talk about registration, deposits, betting, withdrawing and so on.

All mobile devices and PCs can be used to operate Betking.


Since it’s an online betting, you will need an internet connection to register on betking.

Fear not, for the data consumption on Betking site is very low on mobile and on desktop. You don’t need up to 5MB of data to complete your registration. They are what you can call a data-friendly betting site.

How To Register On Betking

I believe what you need for your betking registration has been exhaustively explained above, so let’s now see the steps you need to sign up and open an account.

First, go to the betking sign-up page.

Input Phone Number

At the betking sign-up page, enter your phone number in the space provided. Your phone number is what allows you to access the main body of the registration form. And so your phone number must be active and registered in Nigeria, if not, you will not be able to proceed with registering.

Once your phone number is valid and accepted by betking, you will be able to move on to the next step of your registration.

After putting in your phone number, click “Next” to continue with your registration.

Add preferred password

At this point, you need to make sure you choose a password that is very strong. If your password is too simple, or you give anyone else access to it, they will be able to access your betking account. Be mindful.

Write your full names

To fill in your full names, do it appropriately in the boxes in these order: your first name, followed by your last name, just as it is on your bank account. If not, you will experience problems withdrawing funds from betking.

After your names have been entered, click next, and it will open up the next page of the registration form.

Put email address

Let me say it as simple as I can: enter a valid email address that has not been used for another betking account.

Include date of birth

If you are not at least 18 years old, please STOP reading this article and look through other posts on this site.

I’m still warning you to STOP, because if your date of birth shows that you are under 18, your registration will not be successful.

And don’t even think of lying about your age, Betking can fish out age cheats with their internal verification procedure.

Enter State of residence

In this case, you don’t need to lie as Betking is registered with the National Lotteries Regulatory Commission, and are legal in all 36 states in Nigeria.

Now, click “Next” to continue.

Add verification code

I want to believe betking sent you a confirmation code when you clicked “Sign Up Now”. Check your mobile phone and enter the 6-digit confirmation code to complete your betking registration.

Betking Registration Problems, Causes And Solutions

Most times, betking registration is smooth and easy but it does not rule out the possibility of some users facing some issues while trying to open their account.

The reasons for encountering this trouble while joining the website vary.

So let’s have a look at some of the difficulties that can hamper your registration as well as possible solutions.

Poor/slow Internet

Opening a betking account doesn’t really require much data, so if your internet connection is experiencing an off day and you can’t sign up, then your internet must be really bad or even non-existent for it to affect your betking registration.

Check your internet subscription to confirm that it is still active, or check your internet cable to be sure that it is still connected. But if you’re still unable to connect, I suggest you get another internet service. Alternatively, wait for the current one to be better.

Unregistered Phone Number

Are you sure you used a number that meets all the requirements of betking? I mean a number that’s properly registered with the National Communications Commission. Note that your phone number is the most important detail in your betking registration.

Other User’s Registration Details

If you have used details that are already linked with another betking account, like your phone number or email address, if they have been used by someone else to sign up on betking, your request will not be processed.

However, betking will notify you if that were the case. Just change your details and that should do it.

Not Upto 18 years

I’m telling you for the umpteenth time, betking does not allow underage betting, and will not process your registration if you are below 18.

Normally, if your sign up is completed, betking will automatically log you into your account. But if you are not logged in, just log into your account with your username and password by yourself.

Betking Login Nigeria

  • For Betking Login Nigeria, Click the login button on the top right of the Betking home page
  • Enter your username and password
  • Confirm your log in

Have you logged in? You will see that when logged into betking, you get full access to all the great features on the site like making deposits, placing a bet, withdrawing funds, and performing other functions such as cash out and live betting. That’s that about Betking Login Nigeria.

Deposit Money On Betking

Do you want to deposit into your betking account?  It’s very simple. Betking has numerous deposit methods like ATM Cards, internet banking, USSD, OPay and so on. Depositing money on betking is as fast as lightning and as easy as 123. The minimum deposit allowed on Betking is N100.

BetKing Nigeria Registration Done

Now that your BetKing Nigeria registration is all done, why not start placing bets? Betking has over 20 sports and many other betting options you make your selections. Just enter your stake on your bet slip and confirm your bets.

You can check how to Download & Install Betking Nigeria App on Android & iOS.

You’ve found everything you need to know about Betking Login Nigeria from registering an account to accessing your favorite casino games. Happy betting!

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