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GoTv Subscription 2018: How to Pay & Renew Your Decoder (Online & Mobile Apps)

Pay for or Renew GoTv Decoder (Online, Mobile Apps, USSD Code & SMS) in Nigeria.

Your gotv subscription can easily be renewed or re-activated online using any of these means of payment at the comfort of your home in and outside Nigeria in 2018. gotv subscription

These subscription methods are the best and fastest way to pay for GoTv in Nigeria without having to queue at gotv outlets.

With the methods i will be sharing in this article, you will be able to pay for gotv anytime and any day. That includes weekend and public holidays.

GoTv Packages or Bouquet {September 2018}.

There are 4 major subscription for GoTv Nigeria. The 5th one is GoTv mobile access.

  1. GoTv Lite: The cheapest subscription. It costs 400 Naira monthly and offers 23 channels.
  2. GoTv Value: Costs 1250 Naira every month offering 40 channels.
  3. GoTv Plus: Offers 57 channels at 1900 Naira monthly.
  4. GoTv Max: Their highest package with 60 channels for 3200 Monthly.
  5. GoTv Mobile Access: 630 Naira per month

Top 3 Ways to Pay for GoTv Subscription in Nigeria.

There are many ways you can renew your gotv but i will be sharing the best and fastest means in this article.

It is worth noting that the overall best means of renewing your subscription on GoTv Nigeria is offline via their retail outlets.

Why? Well, because you hardly have issues if you renew from them. You get connected back almost immediately. And if there was any issue, they can quickly troubleshoot the source and get it fix.

But the problem with offline is that it is stressful. I mean you have to go with cash which means queuing at the bank first and again at gotv retail outlets.

Another problem is that some of them charge way higher than the normal subscription fees.

But you don’t have to go through all those stress when you can renew your gotv while resting on your couch.

And in case your subscription didn’t start working after 5 – 15 minutes, you can contact gotv customer care.

Below are details on how to recharge your gotv decoder using;

  • Quickteller.
  • GoTv Self Service.
  • Gtbank Mobile Banking.

2 Ways to Renew GoTv Using Quickteller ~ Web & Mobile App.

Quickteller is one of the trusted and most used payment platform in Nigeria. It is a subsidiary of interswitch (also parent company for Verve).

There are about five (5) ways you can recharge your gotv using quickteller but i will only explain the best 2 that i think is more secure in this article.

You must have an account with quick-teller to use their payment platform. If you don’t, you can easily register or sign up for one. Registration takes less than 5 minutes.

GoTv Payment Via Quickteller Website (Charges Applies).

I will assume you already have an account with quickteller.

Before you initiate the process of making gotv payment, make sure that your decoder is On. gotv renewal quickteller

This is one mistake most customers make over and over again that resulted in renewal staying hours or even days sometimes before restoring viewing. So again, make sure your gotv decoder is On before paying.

  • Visit quickteller gotv subscription page using your phone or pc browser.
  • Select the GoTv package or subscription plan you want to subscribe to from the drop down menu.
  • Input your gotv decoder IUC number. It is on the red sticker under the decoder.
  • Enter your email address, mobile phone number and click/tap on Continue.
  • You will then be redirected to a secure billing page.
  • Select your debit card type (Visa, Master or Verve) and fill in your card details.
  • Finally, click on the Pay button.

Your GoTv account will be credited and subscription will be renewed in few minutes.

Note: Quickteller charges N100 naira for this transaction.

GoTv Payment Via Quickteller Mobile App (Charges Applies).

If you have quickteller mobile app on your phone, then you can easily pay for gotv packages. recharge gotv with quickteller app

For those that do not have the app installed on their mobile phones, navigate to your app store, search for quickteller. Download the one by interswitch limited.

  • Launch the app and sign in or register.
  • Once you are in, tap on the Categories tab.
  • Tap on Pay bills.
  • Select cable tv bills from the available options.
  • Tap on GoTv and select the subscription plan you want to pay for. There are currently 5 (Gotv lite, value, plus, mobile access and Max).
  • Enter your decoder IUC number and tap on Next. The price and your email address has already been auto-filled.
  • Input your card details and tap on the pay button to complete the transaction.

Your viewing will be restored in couple of minutes.

Renew Subscription Using GoTv Eazy Self Service.

Selfservice is a bridge between a company, organization or firm and its customers, consumers or subscribers.

Self-service allows you to resolve issues yourself on the company’s website without the help of a customer service agent.

With GoTv self service, you can find a dealer, activate your decoder, recharge your account, fix errors and contact customer care. pay for gotv with eazy self service

I will say this again, switch On your GoTv decoder before starting the payment process not just for GoTv but also for all other cable tv in Nigeria.

With this platform, you can pay for your own subscription, pay for someone else and even pay from outside the country.

  • Visit Gotv eazy selfservice payment page.
  • Enter your decoder IUC Number.
  • Select country.
  • Enter the correct captcha code in the provided box.
  • Tap/Click on Verify button.
  • Enter your debit card details and complete the payment.

Pay for GoTv Using Gtbank Mobile Banking Platform.

You can renew gotv using gtbank mobile app.

Other than gtbank, you can also recharge with zenith, access and many other Nigerian banks mobile apps.

But none is as fast and straight forward like gtbank. And your viewing will be restored almost immediately. renew gotv with gtbank mobile app

I will assume you already have gtbank mobile app installed on your phone be it the old app or the new app (Gtworld). If not, follow the above link.

Though, gtworld is my favorite app but the steps are almost the same.

  • Launch any of the gtbank app on your phone and sign in.
  • Tap on Payment and then on Cable Tv.
  • Select account to be debited if you have more than one account.
  • Under category, select GoTv.
  • Then under product, select the gotv bouquet you want to subscribe into.
  • Price and charges of this bouquet will be auto-filled.
  • Enter your decoder IUC number and tap on continue.
  • Complete the payment with your transaction Pin or Token.

For the old gtbank app, After tapping on Cable Tv, select GoTv from the list of option.

  • Select the GoTv bouquet you want to pay for >> account to be debited >> IUC Number.
  • Complete the payment using transaction pin or token.

There are more ways you can pay for or renew your gotv like.

  • Various banks USSD Codes and mobile apps.
  • SMS.
  • Other payment platforms like paga mobile, mpesa, global pay etc.

But the ones above are those that i find easier and faster. If you have tried any other means you think is better than the above 3, kindly make use of the comment box.

That’s all on gotv subscription payment and renewal for now. Kindly share this article using the social buttons below.

Updated: September 8, 2018 — 1:34 pm


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  1. Haruna Bello Yamusa

    I made a payment on my gotv day before yesterday with my atm card and it debit me 1800. Up to now is yet to be credited to the gotv network. What do I do now?

  2. Please, Indeed I subscribe for gotvplus but credit for gotvlite :Do change over and compress my term of subscription to gotvplus of which I paid #1800 this month. My IUC: 2020865323. Thanks

  3. For how long will gotv continue with this poor service! I have received calls countless times from your system passuading me to subscribe which I finally considered it yesterday night on quick teller and even till now its yet to be activated, haba!!! Please do something about this thanks!. Iuc:2021785474

  4. Before am using gotv lite, but now I wanted to pay for gotv plus, in which have done so. But am yet to get responds to my payment, and I don’t even know if it has been upgraded

    1. I subscribed for Gotv lite yesterday around 11pm till now it’s not updated . thanks

  5. I subscribed yesterday 4th of April and I was debited up still my account has not been activated pls try and activate it my INC No is 2020986562

  6. please update my line, i subscribed earlier today at owerri , yar adua drive precisely. my number is 2018823776

  7. am still waiting please

  8. Williams Uwem John

    I subscribed and I was debited up still my account has not been activated pls try and activate it my INC No is 2028886080….wetin dea happen

  9. Fraud Fraud and Fraud 2022343708. I paid for 1900 I am getting 1300 service

  10. I paid for #2000 i am getting #1400 service why please upgrade my decoder abdullateef 202221913

  11. I paid thru quick teller 1800 still not be activated and I called customer care dey told me I still have balance of 100 to pay how will I do that

  12. Very fast service, mine got activated within matter of seconds. Thanks for the info.

  13. I subscribe for my gotv since 21:43 today 04 July 2017 through my FCMB account and I have been debited but yet my account has not been activated please help me on it IUC 2019268942.

  14. I payed 1200 from my bank just now
    Hope it will work and valid

  15. l was not around for almost a year,l paid for gotv subscription of #1200 4 days ago till now l have not be able to connect my gotv number is 2020636582 ,kindly assist

  16. I want complain that I subscribed for my parents Gotv 4613382099 with my online Diamond bank App payment since over week with N1200. 

    And since then I have not received any pictures to show that my subscription was successful. 

    Please kindly help me out. 

    Emesiani Tony 

  17. I subscribed Gotv plus on the 10th November and was debited, but till now my Gotv network was not credited. What really is the problem and what do I do pls.

  18. I subscribed on the 10 November through my UBA bank account on Gotv plus of N1900 and was debited, but my Gotv account wasn’t credited till now. My IUC no is: 4601453646. What do I do pls?

  19. Please,I suscribed 1200 on December 22 unknown to me that it is 1250.I had made all attempt to complete it wit 50.00 but nt going .What will I do to enjoy my gotv?my Iuc no 2028972276

  20. Jude ikuh
    I subscribed 1200 yesterday 22 December through my unity bank acc.l was told to make it 1250 until service will be provided. But now all attempt to add 50.00 in nt avail what will I do?should I use the above amount paid 2 months 600 Iuc is 2028972276.

  21. Hammed Rasheeed Olawale

    Pls I was on got value before but now I change to plus and none of the station show. Pls help.2022206429 IUC number

  22. i have paid up till now it hasnt show please attend to me quickly,2029071637

  23. This is so discouraging as I have paid since 29th of March 2018 based on a call from one of your customer service person to pay 1250 for the ongoing promo but yet I have not been connected it’s a big regret and discuragement for me if you like connect and if you like let it be all I know is I count fall victim anylonger decoder number 2002985144

  24. Have subscribed 1900 and your network is not coming up…IUC 2029191056 Oke gbenga

  25. obaji EMEKA EMMANUEL

    I subscribed Gotv max on 17th of June and was debited, but till now my Gotv network was not credited. What really is the problem and what do I do pls.
    my IUC no is 7023637822

    1. It should come up pretty soon. Also make sure your signal strength and quality are atleast 80% and 50% respectively. If not, change the position of your antenna.

  26. Please i subscribed for Gotv lite 400, But now i want To top up To Gotv plus, how much will i now pay?

  27. I recharged my gotv account with 1900 on the 16th of July 2018 although I usually used gotv max of 3800,but I just want to use the one I can afford for this month however my station had not been connected till now. my iuc number is 7018727192

  28. pls I recharged 7023741267 1900 using ussd code but did not load stations for three days now

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