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Rema Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Music, Parents, House

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Rema Biography

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Rema is a Nigerian singer/songwriter and stage performer signed to Jonzing World Records, a subsidiary of Mavins Records.

He made his breakthrough in 2019 with his hit song “Dumebi”, which launched him into becoming one of Nigeria’s biggest music stars.

Since then, he has released multiple songs such as “Iron Man” and “Corny” that have elevated him to become one of Nigeria’s most celebrated singers.

Some of his fans also refer to him by the names “Remmy Boy” or “Rave Lorde”.

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Early life and childhood

Rema grew up in a Christian family consisting of four children; two boys and two girls.

His father, Justice Ikubor was a high-ranking member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo State as well as former general manager at the Ethiope Publishing Company.

Rema’s mother is a businesswoman who prefers to stay out of the media.

Rema’s father tragically passed away in 2008 and his brother followed suit seven years later.

After these tragedies, Rema felt responsible for taking care of his remaining family members and worked menial jobs to sustain them; including working at a beach in Ghana.

Rema’s education

Rema had his primary and secondary education at Ighile Group of Schools before announcing on Twitter in January 2022 that he had gained admission into the University of Lagos to study Creative Arts, fulfilling his late mother’s desire for him to earn a degree.

How Rema started his career

Nigerian recording artiste, Rema (born Divine Ikubor), has had a passion for music from a very young age.

As a teenager, he would lead the “Rap Nation” program in his church and teach others how to rap for the congregation.

During his secondary school years, Rema gained notoriety for his performances and was often called on to perform at shows held in school.

After graduating, he opted to focus entirely on his music career rather than immediately further his education.

Rema’s Music Career

Rema Biography

Rema, a fast-rising Nigerian singer and rapper, was born in Benin City and started writing rhymes at a very young age.

As a youth wing leader at Christ of Mercy church, he established “Rhyme Nation,” teaching rapping to other young people.

His family eventually migrated to Ghana after his father and brother tragically passed away within seven years of each other.

Rema then formed the music group RNA with his friend Alpha P; this acronym stands for their first names: Rema and Alpha P.

After winning the Second season of Pikolo’s Dream Alive talent contest, their debut single “Mercy” made it onto the airwaves. 

It was here that D’Prince, CEO of Jonzing World Records, took note of Rema when hearing his freestyle version of “Gucci Gang.”

This led to him signing off on a record deal with Mavin Records run by renowned music producer Don Jazzy – cementing Rema’s promising career as an artist ever since.

Rema’s marriage and girlfriend

Rema Biography

Rema is an emerging artist on the Nigerian music scene, gaining recognition for his unique blend of afrobeat, ragga, and hip hop over the past few years.

He is 22 years old and currently single although he has expressed that he is looking for a long-term partner.

Rema remains unmarried and without a wife.

Rema’s net worth

Rema Biography

Rema is one of Nigeria’s hottest artists on the scene right now.

With his estimated networth of over a million dollars and endorsements from major brands, the young artist is definitely paving the way for future stars.

Rema’s success has helped him become one of the richest young musicians in the Nigerian music industry today.

Rema Cars

Rema is no stranger to the spotlight, and his choice of cars reflects this. The rising star has been known to drive around in high-end models such as Lamborghinis, Mercedes-Benzes, Ferraris, and Bentleys.

His music royalties are well spent on these luxurious vehicles, which give him a level of fame that many people seek but can rarely actually achieve.

BMW Beamer

Recently, Nigerian musician Rema was honored with an honorary membership in the BMW Club of Nigeria for his song “Beamer” (Bad Boys) which helps promote their brand.

The club celebrated with him at Eko Atlantic in Lagos where they engaged in automotive thrill rides and races.

Among the vehicles he got to experience was “Thanos”, a BMW M4, which he humorously named “Godzilla” after getting a ride from the Club’s Vice President, Theo Samouris.


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Rema House

Despite the fame and fortune that Rema has achieved in his singing career, his fans still remain largely in the dark about his housing situation.

Though it is safe to assume that the star’s net worth can afford a comfortable house anywhere he should choose, no one knows for certain where Rema currently lives.

Born and bred in Benin City, his first home remains with his parents. From there, he made the daring move to Lagos to pursue a career in music; yet he has kept this aspect of life very much hidden from public scrutiny.

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