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GOtv Jolli Channels List, Subscription Price in Nigeria 2023


GoTv Jolli Channels

Are you searching for the list of all the GOtv Jolli Channels that are available in Nigeria? You will learn all about that in this post.

If you don’t have much to spend on a pay-tv subscription yet you want to be able to watch some interesting content, then GOtv Jolli is what you might be looking for.

In this write-up, I will list its channels, and compare them with the packages close to it and its price in Nigeria.

To watch Big Brother Naija 2022 on your GOtv, tune in to channel 29. This channel can only be accessed by subscribers on Max and GOtv Jolli packages. Check my write-up about it to learn more.

GOtv Jolli Channels List 2022

GoTv Jolli Channels

Obviously, you won’t be getting access to some first-class stations but considering how much you are paying and the quality of stations you can’t get from its alternative, I say it is a good package.

It has all the channels on the Max plan except for 9 which are Super Sports Variety 3, Star Life, Discovery ID, RSTV, BET, ESPN, Cartoon Network and M-Net Movies 4 and it is 1,140 Naira cheaper than Max.

Those are really great channels and it is a shame that you won’t have access to them on Jolli but let’s stand on the bright side here.

For 2,800 Naira, you get to watch Al Jazeera, CNN International, BBC World News, Africa Magic Epic, Family, Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa and over 21 local stations.

That’s not all, there is also Telemundo and Zee world and I know a lot of people that can’t go a day without these stations.

Talking of movies and entertainment stations, you also have the likes of E! Entertainment, Fox, Fox Life, CBS Reality, and ROK 3 and 2.

I don’t think you can ever get bored with this plan and depending on who you are and what your preferences are, might not even miss much if you are coming on Max.

Oh! You enjoy listening to music? The likes of MTV Base, Sound city and 3 other channels have got you covered.

Why don’t you just check all the stations yourself and see if you like what this package has to offer?

List of GOtv Jolli Channels 2023

Below is the list of channels on GOtv Jolli:

GoTv Jolli Channels

General Entertainment (13)

  1. TELEVISTA – channel 15
  2. ROK 2 – channel 17
  3. ROK 3 – channel 18
  4. AFRICA MAGIC FAMILY – channel 2
  5. CBS REALITY – channel 22
  6. DISCOVERY FAMILY – channel 50
  7. AFRICA MAGIC IGBO – channel 11
  8. AFRICA MAGIC YORUBA – channel 5
  9. AFRICA MAGIC HAUSA – channel 4
  10. REAL-TIME – channel 12
  11. E! ENTERTAINMENT – channel 26
  12. TVC ENTERTAINMENT – channel 27
  13. TRYBE TV – channel 97

Novella (4)

  1. ZEE WORLD – channel 25
  2. EVA+ – channel 13
  3. TELEMUNDO – channel 14
  4. NOVELLA MAGIC – channel 20

Movies (3)

  1. B4U MOVIES – channel 24
  2. TNT AFRICA – channel 16
  3. AFRICA MAGIC – channel 9

Documentary, Lifestyle & Education (2)

  1. NAT GEO WILD – channel 51
  2. SPICE TV – 10

Sport (3)

  1. SUPERSPORTS BLITZ – channel 30
  2. SUPERSPORTS FOOTBALL – channel 31
  3. SUPERSPORTS SELECT 2 – channel 34

News & Commerce (8)

  1. NTA PARLIAMENT – channel 115
  2. ALJAZEERA – channel 40
  3. TVC NEWS – channel 45
  4. NTA NEWS 24 – Channel 46
  5. CHANNELS TV – channel 95
  6. ARISE NEWS – channel 44
  7. CNN – channel 42
  8. BBC WORLD NEWS – channel 41

Kids & Teens (5)

  1. DA VINCI TV – channel 66
  2. DISNEY JUNIOR – channel 60
  3. PBS KIDS – channel 65
  5. JIMJAM – 61

Music (3)

  1. MTV BASE – channel 72
  2. HIP TV – channel 74
  3. SOUND CITY – channel 75

Local Channels (21)

  1. TIWAN TIWA – channel 111
  2. AIT – channel 93
  3. BCOS TV – channel 105
  4. BISCON TV – channel 108
  5. EBS TV – channel 104
  6. GALAXY TV – channel 99
  7. ITV BENIN – channel 104
  8. LAGOS TV – channel 90
  9. LIBERTY TV – channel 110
  10. NTA 2 – Channel 114
  11. NTAi – channel 91
  12. OGTV – channel 100
  13. ONMAX – channel 96
  14. R2TV – channel 112
  15. RAVE TV – channel 113
  16. RSTV – channel 103
  17. SILVERBIRD TV – channel 92
  18. SUNNA TV – channel 84
  19. WAP TV – channel 102
  20. WAZOBIA MAX – channel 98
  21. AREWA24 TV – channel 101

Religious (4)

  1. FAITH – channel 80
  2. ISLAM CHANNEL – channel 81
  3. EMMANUEL TV – channel 82
  4. DOVE TV – channel 83

Audio (2)

  1. NAIJA FM – channel 301
  2. WAZOBIA FM – channel 303

GOtv Jolli Price in Nigeria

GOtv Jolli subscription cost 2,800 Naira per month and you get access to 65 channels which include 2 audio stations.

GOtv Jolli Channels Vs Jinja

Channels such as TNT Africa and B4U Movies are some of the channels on GOtv Jolli that you will love to watch. See more GOtv Joili channels below and make your choice.

Others are: Discovery Family, NatGeo Wild, FOX, CBS Reality, Africa Magic Family, Televista, ROK 3, ROK 2, Super Sport Football, Da Vinci Kids, Telemundo, Eva+, Zee World, Disney Junior, MTV Base, Hip Tv, CNN and BBC News.

Considering the fact that Channels on Gotv Jinja is just 1,900 Naira cheaper than Jolli and won’t have access to all the above stations. I think the best decision here is to go for Jolli over Jinja. It is not even close to that price difference.

GOtv Jolli Channels Vs Max Vs Supa

Plus has now been deprecated while Jolli and Max have been revamped. So this part of the write-up is just to show you what the previous settings were.

Between GOtv max and Plus packages is the GOtv Jolli subscription.

So it makes sense that people want to know whether to upgrade from plus to Jolli or downgrade from Max to Jolli.

You will still be making that decision yourself but I will give you all the facts you need.

If you are presently on Max, there are 4 channels (Super Sport Select 4 and 5, RSTV and Wasafi Tv) you are currently enjoying that Jolli subscribers don’t.

And there is one station (Wazobia Tv) Jolli subscribers is enjoying that you aren’t.

So you can decide if it’s worth downgrading or not. Remember that Max is 4,150 Naira, so do you see the difference in cost compared to Jolli?

For those presently on Plus who don’t know if upgrading to Jolli is worth it. This is for you.

GOtv Supa package is currently N5,500, meaning it is 2,700 Naira more expensive than Jolli.

There are 80+ stations (3 Music Channels, 6 Sports Channels, 6 Movie Channels, and 69 other genre Channels) that you will start enjoying immediately after you upgrade to Supa.

So you have all the details needed and you should be able to decide for yourself which package is good for you and whether to downgrade or upgrade from Max or Supa respectively to Jolli.

I have previously published a post that explains how to go from one Gotv package to another. Try to check it out.

How To Activate Channel 29 On Gotv

Are you looking to catch all the awesome shows on channel 29? Here’s how to activate it on your GOtv decoder!

To start, make sure your subscription is active and no other channels are being displayed. Then select ‘Advance Options’ under the ‘Menu/GOtv’ button, followed by ‘Installation’ and clicking ‘OK.’ Choose ‘Automatic Scan’ and allow it to finish scanning. When done, select ‘Exit’ and navigate to channel 29 – it’s that easy!

Alternatively, you can also turn on your GOtv decoder by pressing the power button and wait for the decoder to restart before beginning scanning. After scanning, proceed to channel 29 and have fun watching!

Final Thoughts on GOtv Jolli Channels List

Even though the GOtv Jolli plan is 1,350 Naira cheaper than Max and just 900 Naira more expensive than Jinja, it is much easier to choose between Jolli and Jinja than to choose between Jolli and GOtv Max.

I mean it has 17 channels more than jinja while Max has just 9 stations more than it. And not just that, those 17 stations are great ones that you do not want to miss all because of 900 Naira.

But the decision is still yours to make. You obviously know what’s best for you. Just take the data and number above into consideration while making your decision.

To subscribe, go to and enter your details and complete the transaction using OTP sent to the number registered to your bank account.

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